Scream and Shout

Break Something

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2. Break Something

Just like with getting dirty, there is something incredibly freeing about doing something you were not allowed to do as a child. When you were young, you could never get dirty, and you were assured a punishment when the lamp fell off its table and broke.

As an adult, breaking things might not be just a possibility — it might be a necessity. Breaking items in your home can provide a sense of power and control over the world around you, which is valuable because stress often arises from feelings of powerlessness.

Of course, some precautions must be exercised before you randomly break items around the house. Begin by building a stockpile of breakable items in an area of your home — this way they will be readily accessible when the time is right.

Old dishes make a great option, but bubble wrap and Styrofoam work well, too. When the stress begins to build, slip on a pair of safety glasses and wail away.

If you have the means, chopping down a tree or smashing things with a sledgehammer will promote the same effect.

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