Scream and Shout

Shake up Your Routine With These Fun Stress Busters

With work, home, family, financial, and physical health stress bombarding you every day, you need a way to unwind, recuperate, and recharge so you can face the next day with hope and optimism. If allowed to linger, daily stress becomes chronic stress, which is related to a list of mental and physical health complaints.

Stop settling for the average, boring stress busters that have become the norm in your life. To de-stress, sometimes you have to think from a fresh perspective.

Consider these six unusual ways to de-stress:

1. Get Dirty

So much of your life is centered on staying orderly, organized and structured while being prepared for whatever curveball the day throws at you. Guess what? This is extremely stressful and impossible to maintain in the long term.

Getting dirty means allowing yourself to do away with self-imposed strict schedules and routines. It is time to let loose and throw caution to the wind.

In a literal sense, this means getting dirty: find a grassy hillside to roll down, find a muddy puddle and jump until your legs are tired, throw a handful of mud in the air and watch it rain down over you, smear dirt on your face like a warrior preparing for battle.

For even more stress relief, get dirty with a friend. All the while, remember the grass stains can be treated and the mud will come out in the wash.

There is something freeing about reconnecting to the simple pleasures in the world.

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