Woman is cleansing and washing her face
Picking at your skin, using toothpaste, and making homemade acne remedies could be the result of increased acne.

Easy, DIY Remedies Could Be Worsening Your Acne

Acne is a skin condition that plagues the faces and bodies of millions of people worldwide.

The unsightly product of these breakouts are known by numerous names, but the effects of acne remain the same. Typically surfacing during the pubescent years, if left untreated, acne can persist throughout adulthood.

In the past, people relied upon a list of treatment options they could whip up in the comfort of their own kitchens. Unfortunately, not all of these treatments are safe or effective and, for generations, misinformation has been inherited.

There are many natural acne remedies that successfully address acne concerns but some actually work against your objective, possibly exacerbating the issue in the long run. Here are some well-known acne remedies to avoid.

1. Popping Pimples

It’s an ugly habit most children and adults look to for a pimple quick fix. Picking at (or popping) your acne only multiplies your risk for developing scarring and encouraging the acne to return in the very same spot. Dirty hands introduce new bacteria into the sore, aggravating and inflaming it while encouraging an infection.

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