Gather Your Support Team and Start Making Good Habits

Building a new habit is a simple task that requires no planning and very little work on your part to accomplish. New habits are so easy — anyone can do it. Unfortunately, this only applies to bad habits.

Good habits are an entirely different beast. They require hard work, dedication, and a level of enthusiasm.

The process can be grueling, but the resulting sense of accomplishment makes all the effort worthwhile. Good habits create good lives.

Here are eight tips to help you form, practice, and establish your good habits.

Identify Your Habit

What do you want to do? Here, you will need to be as specific as possible, since many people opt for an overly vague idea.

Saying, “I want to be happy” or “I want to be healthier” are nice concepts, but they are so broad that building the habit will feel impossible. During your identification process, be sure to focus on what you want instead of what you do NOT want.

Saying, “I want to quit eating junk food” involves ending a bad habit, not building a good one. If you set out to end a bad habit, there is a good chance others will emerge in its absence.

For the best results, attend to creating new, desirable habits. When these are strong, they will leave little room for the bad habits to exist.

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