Suggest Walking Meetings

Easy Tricks to Burn More Calories and Stay Healthy

Most people who sit for a living realize they should move more. Since movement is vital for fitness, it follows that immobility can lead to the opposite — disease. When you sit all day, calories don’t get burned, important muscles don’t get worked, and slumped posture throws the body out of alignment, leading to the grim modern condition known as “death by sitting.”

It’s one thing to realize the problem of immobility, but quite another to solve it. Busy days in the office might have you chained to your desk for hours — at least, that’s how it seems. In reality, there are lots of little ways to squeeze in more movement, and all those little bursts of activity can add up to significant health gains.

Pick up the Pace

It’s rare that you go through an entire day without walking at all. So, when you are on your way to a meeting, the printer across the office, or your favorite lunch spot, turn that stroll into a brisk walk.

Taking shorter, faster steps will automatically up your pace — and your calorie expenditure. You may never get up into the fat burning zone with these small walking breaks, but every step you take can bring more tone to your muscles and health to your heart when you move with purpose.

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