A medical alert system and device
An osteoporosis medical alerts system can detect when the individual falls and call an emergency provider.

Osteoporosis Medical Alert System

Osteoporosis is not an uncommon condition. According to the Mayo Clinic, over 3 million new cases are reported each year in the US alone. It disproportionately affects senior citizens, and not only makes everyday tasks more difficult, but it can make life-threatening situations even more precarious. This is why many people who have osteoporosis have decided to invest in medical alert devices.

What Is a Medical Alert Device?

A medical alert device is a small device that can transmit a signal to emergency responders or an operator from the device’s company when it is activated. Often all it takes is the push of a button to activate.

While there are a wide variety of medical alert devices available, with an even wider myriad of features, determining which is best for you or your family is usually based on your needs. It is highly encouraged that you and your loved ones do some research before choosing which device fits your needs.

If you’re looking for which medical alert device would be best for you or your loved ones, AARP has created an informative article to help with this process.

How Can Medical Alert System Help People With Osteoporosis?

As bones brittle and become less dense, the risk of getting a fracture can be significantly higher. According to WebMD, one in four men over the age of 50, and one in two women over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, senior citizens are even more susceptible to these injuries. This is partly due to the symptoms of the condition which also increase the risk of falling.

For example, if you or a loved one falls, fractures a bone, and is unable to get up to call for assistance, you can press a button on your medical alert device to send a request for help from emergency responders.

Often you will be connected directly to an operator from the service provider of your emergency alert device. This helps ensure that you receive the help you need as soon as possible. The sooner you receive professional help, the better.

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What are Some of the Features of an Osteoporosis Medical Alert System?

With some medical alert devices, you are even given the option of talking to an operator who can call a loved one too. This is very useful for loved ones who have family members with osteoporosis and those who have it themselves. It ensures that you get the help you need while making your family members aware of your current predicament.

Some medical alert devices even have a feature that detects when you fall. These devices are able to distinguish between regular activity and an actual fall. This can be extremely useful if you or your loved one is knocked unconscious from a fall, yet you still require assistance. After detecting a fall, the device will either reach out to an operator, or emergency services.

Another important feature that helps in a situation like this is a GPS locating system. This allows for you to be accurately located if you are lost, unconscious, or immobilized. There are even some brands that offer to install a lockbox in case of an emergency that would be available to people like EMS, just in case you or your loved one is unable to let emergency personnel inside.

Due to the symptoms of osteoporosis, reacting quickly to a situation can be difficult, and even painful at times, so responding as early as possible is extremely important.

Some medical devices can help detect things like carbon monoxide alerts and even fires. These devices are able to connect to fire/carbon monoxide alarms that support this feature. This ensures that you are alerted as soon as possible if one of these emergencies is occurring in your home.

The earlier you’re alerted, the more time you have to take action. The features available in the medical alert device often determine the initial price and the monthly service fee.

While osteoporosis is a very common condition, it can still be challenging to deal with. It causes bones to become more brittle and can make you more susceptible to fractures.

While emergency alert devices have been around for a few decades at this point, emerging technology like fall detection and smoke/carbon monoxide detector syncing have created an even greater sense of security for individuals and their loved ones around the world.

They are especially helpful for individuals and families of individuals who have osteoporosis. They can feel confident knowing that in case of an emergency where they are alone, or their loved one is, they have some way of receiving help. Whether it be automatically with fall detection technology or self-activation, help for those in need is now more accessible than ever before.