Woman sitting with a cup of coffee and book
There are numerous unexpected health benefits of coffee which include weight loss aid, help with asthma attacks, improve brain function and more.

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Coffee

Many people can’t get through the day without their morning cup of coffee. Over the years many claims have been made about coffee – it’s been touted as everything from a hangover cure to a weight loss aid.

I decided to investigate the facts about coffee’s health benefits. Like any other substance, consuming too much coffee is not healthy. That said, coffee is a powerful herb with medicinal properties. In fact, as a nurse, I have recommended drinking a cup of coffee as an emergency aid for the relief of breathing problems.

Let’s take a look at some of coffee’s medicinal uses, including some interesting research about possible disease prevention.

1. Coffee Can Aid Weight Loss

Some people do lose weight when they drink coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and other stimulating compounds, so it speeds up your metabolism and can help you to lose weight. My sister used to fill up on coffee, so she did not eat as much. She did maintain a healthy weight, but she was anxious and had an upset stomach frequently.

That said, some people may notice they gain weight drinking coffee – especially if the ritual of having a cup of coffee means eating a donut simultaneously.

Green coffee beans and their extract are useful as weight loss aids. I do not believe that they are the “miracle” many advertisers promote them to be, but green coffee extracts can be helpful adjuncts to a well-balanced diet and exercise program for weight loss.

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