Improve Physical Endurance

The Amazing Physical and Psychological Benefits of a Morning Meal

Breakfast is a divisive meal: some people swear by it and others want nothing to do with it. One problem is that morning habits tend to become ingrained, so whatever your routine, you’re likely to stick by it as long as it gets you out of the door. This is bad news for those who shun breakfast.

Waking up after eight foodless hours will naturally bring about a hunger pang or two, but there’s more value to breakfast than satisfying your appetite. From more weight loss, to better thinking, and even a lower risk of disease, here are some excellent reasons to start each and every day off with a good breakfast.

Levels out Glucose and Hormones

When you wake up after a full night’s sleep, your blood glucose level is low and your cortisol level is high. Low blood glucose leaves you feeling weak and tired — it will seem like you need to exert yourself more for simple tasks and motions.

The easiest way to bump up your blood glucose to healthy levels is with some complex carbohydrates, which also helps to keep that glucose stream steady.

Cortisol is a stress hormone produced in the adrenal glands that kicks in to support and repair your body while you sleep, but works against your health during waking hours: too much cortisol will eventually break down muscle protein and encourage fat storage.

When you wake up, you need some nutrient intervention to bring it back down to normal, and that’s where breakfast comes into play.

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