Sleep and ED

Lack of Sleep Could Lead to Problems in the Bedroom

Surprisingly, sleeping and ED have a bigger connection than you might realize. Even more surprisingly, 44% of men with ED experience this dysfunction due to other health problems. Thus, if you truly want to take back control of your health and your ED, it might come down to doing the basics.

In this article, we’re going to explore the effects of poor sleep and how it impacts ED, as well as how you can get a night of better sleep and treat ED.

The Effects of a Bad Sleep

Everyone gets bad sleep once and a while. Poor sleep can leave you feeling tired, mentally and physically drained, and even a tad grumpy or irritable. Yet, when a lack of sleep persists, and you end up with chronic sleep deprivation, it can seriously impact your health and your sex life.

Chronic sleep deprivation may result in the following:

  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Depression.
  • Obesity or weight gain.

At the end of the day, a lack of sleep results in increased stress in the body. Unfortunately, this can frequently turn into a vicious cycle. You can’t sleep, so you get stressed, then you’re stressed and can’t sleep. It also disrupts your body’s ability to metabolize and produce energy, resulting in libido dysfunction and potential ED.

Does Bad Sleep Cause ED?

Poor sleep can lead to ED. In fact, ED is more common in men who experience problems sleeping. Physiologically and psychology-wise, it’s tough to get “in the mood” when you are underslept, overtired, and stressed.

Furthermore, the effects caused by bad sleep can lead to deterioration in health, which furthers ED. For example, weight gain is also linked to ED. Technically, everything in the body is connected, which means when one system breaks down, others do as well; this also means that sleep deprivation results in other risk factors leading to ED.

Ways to Treat ED With Better Sleep

Getting a night of better sleep has immense impacts on men’s health and improves ED. Some benefits of getting better sleep for ED include:

  • Having more energy.
  • Experiencing better moods.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Decreasing your risk of depression or anxiety.
  • Improved immunity.
  • An easier time maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Having better heart health.

As a result, these can lead to increased libido and desire for physical intimacy; this can further improve your relationships, confidence, and much more.

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So, what are some ways to treat ED with better sleep? What should you do to get a good night’s rest?

  • Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Wake up and go to bed at the same time. Better yet, try to align your circadian rhythm with the sun.
  • Pay attention to your sleep hygiene. Ideally, you want to sleep in a dark, quiet, cool room. If this is difficult, consider investing in a sleep mask and earplugs.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed. Caffeine should be avoided after 2 pm so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. Additionally, alcohol shouldn’t be consumed before bed as this can lead to poor sleep.
  • Get regular daily exercise. Exercise can help improve sleep and sleep quality. It’s even better to obtain sun while exercising as this will also help regulate your circadian rhythm.
  • Avoid screens for one to two hours before bed. While watching Netflix or scrolling on your phone quickly passes the time, it can seriously interfere with your sleep. Consider a different wind-down routine, such as reading or meditating, so that you can prepare your body for rest.

If you’re still having issues with sleep after trying all of the above, consider discussing your options with your doctor. Other problems might be at play, or you could be experiencing a sleep disorder that may require further medical intervention.

Lastly, other ED treatments, outside of getting better sleep, may include oral medications, such as Viagra, Adcirca, Staxyn, and more. You may also be recommended to make further lifestyle changes, such as improving your diet and getting adequate exercise. Some individuals may also benefit from counseling, helping them sort through any psychological issues hindering their performance in the bedroom.

Some individuals may also require testosterone replacement therapy if ED is caused by hormonal imbalances with no clear cause. Before this is implemented, your doctor will run various hormone and blood tests to determine what is happening beneath the surface. At the end of the day, there are many options for treating ED, leading to a fulfilling, healthy, and happy life. In most cases, it’s about finding the proper treatment suited to the individual and their unique situation.

If your ED issues persist, you can always try certain foods.