A woman getting a non-surgical nose job
A non-surgical nose job is a temporary alternative to getting surgical alterations done.

What is a Non-surgical Nose Job?

You’ve likely heard of rhinoplasty, which is the surgical procedure that reshapes and resizes the nose. For some people, this option is too extreme. However, another option that is less invasive is what is known as a liquid or non-surgical nose job.

This procedure involves injecting filler and Botox in order to manipulate the shape of the nose. While the results are not permanent, it may be an ideal solution for individuals who prefer amazing results without having to undergo surgery.

How is Non-Surgical Nose Job Performed?

The process for a non-surgical nose job may vary based on the preferences and techniques of a particular doctor. However, the basic process involves a total examination of the area first to create a plan. On the day of the treatment, ice is placed directly on the area that will be treated. This numbs the skin so the patient can’t feel pain. Next, either Botox or filler (sometimes a combination) are injected into the target site.

Typically, the filler is used to hide a bump on the nose or to make a nose appear straighter. Other ways that this procedure can help is to raise the nasal bridge and create a more aesthetically appealing profile.

The best thing about it? If you are unhappy with the results, you just have to wait. The filler is absorbed by the body over time, so the results are not permanent.

Length of Results

The longevity of a non-surgical nose job can depend on the treatments used, as well as the natural anatomy of the nose. Typically, patients should expect results to last anywhere from nine months to two years.

If patients are interested in a more permanent alteration, they should talk to their doctor about rhinoplasty options.

How Much Does a Non-Surgical Nose Job Cost?

The price for a non-surgical nose job will vary based on the amount of Botox and filler used during the procedure. On average, patients should expect to pay between $1,000–$1,500. Of course, location and other factors will also determine the final cost.

Remember, this is not a one-time procedure, and you should expect to have to repeat the treatment. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the costs associated with their services so you know what type of financial commitment you’re getting involved with.

Potential Side Effects

While non-surgical nose jobs aren’t necessarily considered “risky,” they aren’t without risk either. It’s important to understand what the worst-case scenario could look like. In rare events, vascular compromise can occur in which the filler has caused blood flow in the main artery to stop functioning properly. Keep in mind that this can occur in any procedure that involves filler.

As far as recovery goes, a non-surgical nose job has virtually no downtime. There may be some bruising and swelling which usually subsides in a few days. Most people return to work and other activities almost immediately.

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Permanent Nose Job vs. Non-Surgical Nose Job

Of course, people compare the differences between permanent nose jobs and non-surgical nose jobs in order to determine which is right for them. Non-surgical nose jobs are less expensive, require no downtime, and are not as invasive as a permanent nose job.

However, one of the most notable differences is that a non-surgical nose job requires repeated treatments while a rhinoplasty is only one procedure with lasting results.

Candidates for Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

The best candidate for a non-surgical nose job is someone who has minor cosmetic issues with their nose. While injections can remedy a crooked nose or bump, it cannot make the bridge of the nose narrower, or bring the nostrils in.

Any healthy individual who has realistic expectations may benefit from a non-surgical nose job. Those who prefer this treatment are typically individuals who don’t want an invasive procedure, or simply want to “try out” the look of a nose job.

Keep in mind though that rhinoplasty may produce a different result than a liquid nose job.

How to Choose a Provider

Liquid nose jobs are a very specific procedure. Make sure that you choose a provider that is certified and experienced with this particular treatment option. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience and look at their portfolio of work.

Additionally, the professional you choose should have a medical license, have a complete understanding of the warning signs of vascular compromise, and they should have hyaluronidase in their office (this is the product that dissolves filler).

You should have peace of mind that the provider you choose is experienced and knows what to do in the event of an emergency.


Getting a non-surgical nose job is a terrific option for individuals who want to make minor adjustments to their nose without the cost or stress of an invasive procedure. This type of treatment not only costs less and offers incredible results, but it can help restore confidence that may be lost.

For more information, consult a medical provider that is certified to offer this service.