Colleen Kelly

For over eight years, Colleen Kelly has been working as a diabetes certified educator (DCE) in the United Kingdom. She has a passion for diabetes care, management and education. Colleen understands how difficult change is and how maintaining healthy habits can be challenging. By understanding these challenges, they have helped Colleen inspire and support those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or who are life-long diabetics by providing practical advice, educational resources, and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of those living with diabetes. Her goal is to continue to help diabetics with their questions or needs by providing practical advice and change in one's life. From educating them on why it's important to check your glucose numbers often to creating an easy-to-understand diabetes management plan – Colleen is there every step of the way. In her spare time she loves baking, writing, and watching Downton Abbey with her partner and their two cats, Alfie and George.