A caregiver and an elderly woman are walking and talking in an assisted living home
Senior housing communities, also known as assisted living, are an excellent option for seniors who could use some extra care.

Assisted Living for Seniors

Senior housing communities, also known as assisted living, are an excellent option for seniors who could use some extra care, but are not entirely dependent. However, there can be some burdens when it comes to assisted living. Thankfully there are community and in-home care options that can meet financial, health, and lifestyle needs.

For many, the decision comes after a lengthy discussion about the current state of their health as well as their long-term care goals. However, this is not always an easy choice to make, and there are many factors to consider, some of which are misunderstood or not explained properly.

To better understand assisted living and its many benefits for seniors, it’s also important to understand the difficulty of making the decision and outlining what the advantages genuinely are. Bridging the gap will help seniors make the right choice for their lifestyle.

Concerns About Assisted Living

There are real and perceived concerns about assisted living which can make it incredibly difficult for people to decide to live in round-the-clock facilities. Some of the most common issues are cost, rules and policies, loss of independence, and all-inclusive care.


Assisted living does come at a price. Some people worry that the price is too much and will influence what they can leave behind to their loved ones.

However, the majority of families agree that proper care and peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved one has the resources that they need is much more important than anything else.

Rules and Policies

Following new regulations and policies can be very difficult for someone who is used to living in their own home with their own rules.

While all facilities have procedures and guidelines, know that it is in the best interest and safety of all the residents. Such rules help keep the units a happy and healthy place for all. Facilities focus on developing policies that enhance life rather than restrict it.

Loss of Independence

Many seniors fear that their independence will be taken from them if they opt or assisted living. However, the focus of this type of facility is to provide minor help but encourage independent living as much as possible.

So long as a person, if physically and mentally, are capable of carrying out tasks, then the facility will encourage individuals to continue to do so.

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Not All-Inclusive Care

Assisted living in many ways are the go-between for independent living and all-inclusive care. While some seniors grapple with the fact that assisted living provides too much help, others worry that it’s not enough.

Keep in mind, assisted living is not a nursing home, but instead, a community that offers various assistance with cleaning, cooking, transportation, and minor medical assistance, such as dosage reminders.

For those that need more thorough care, extended-stay facilities may be the better option.

Advantages of Assisted Living

While there are legitimate concerns about entering assisted living, the clear benefits can’t be denied. There are many benefits that seniors will experience, especially on the social and medical levels.

Stronger Social Connections

As people age, it can be challenging to form friendships or create bonds with people. As the neighborhoods they live in change, their spouses pass away, and their children grow up, some seniors feel a sense of isolation and loneliness.

Assisted living offers social connections and activities that they may not have otherwise. People have access to classes, groups, and functions that keep them active and promote lasting friendships.

Better Health

Assisted living provides the extra layer of care that ensures that people are getting medications when they are sick, visiting the doctor when necessary, and receiving proper nutrition.

Sometimes, when a person lives alone they will ignore medical symptoms, or maybe they don’t have transportation to go to necessary appointments. Assisted living makes sure that those type of scenarios is always handled to the best of their care. As a result, seniors are in better health.

Peace of Mind

Living alone can be worrisome. The medical reasons coupled with the social issues can be a burden and cause many unforeseen problems.

Assisted living allows people to have access to the necessary resources, plus live among people who are of similar age and ability. Families of seniors also have the peace of mind of knowing that their loved one is being taken care of and a support network surrounds them.

Talk to Your Medical Provider

If you or someone you know is considering assisted living, then it is best to speak with your doctor about your options. A medical professional will be able to provide a proper assessment to determine what type of care is best.

It is also common practice that assisted living facilities require a thorough medical background for safety and liability purposes.